The three benefits of banging local cougars

You probably have friends who talk about having sex with women over 30. You probably heard the good news that these women know how to fuck. We’re not talking about that awkward blowjobs that you’d get from chicks in their 20s. We’re not talking about your awkward experiences and slip ups when you were younger. I’m talking about somebody who knows how to rock her body and make you pop an orgasm like your head is about to explode. It’s like sex on steroids. I know you’ve probably heard those stories and you probably got all excited about local cougars. But a lot of people still cling to outdated misconceptions regarding this sexual demographic. This really is too bad because these women bring a lot to the table. Here are just three benefits of banging local cougars at cougarfuck

Menopausal women mean they won’t get pregnant

A lot of women fuck a lot harder and fuck with wild abandon once they realize that there is no chance that you will get them pregnant. In other words, they’re just having sex for fun. This is a problem when you’re banging somebody who is younger. If you’re having sex with a woman who is 19, pregnancy is always in the back of her head. Sure, you wear a rubber and maybe she’s on a pill but that doesn’t really matter. It only takes one slip up, and guess what, you’re going to be paying child support for the next 18 years. Well, if you’re slipping your dick into menopausal women, they can fuck with wild abandon because all that pregnancy bullshit is a non-issue.

Older pussy is experienced pussy.

The bottom line is if you’re having sex with a cougar, you’re having sex with somebody who’s been around the block. She knows how the game works, she knows how to ride a cock, she knows how to suck dick and most importantly, she knows how to demand how her pussy gets eaten. The problem with having sex with younger women is that they are too shy, too embarrassed or too guilty about sex to tell you what they are looking for. Not surprisingly, they fail to orgasm, and guess what, it’s your fault. With older women, they can order you around, and guess what, it’s the best education for you because if you’re banging an experienced chick and she tells you to eat her pussy and tongue her asshole, follow her commands. You’ll probably learn something new and you would become a better lover because of it.

She doesn’t mess around

There is no emotional bullshit with most cougars. When cougars call you to fuck, they mean business. There’s none of that lollipops, teddy bears and boxes of chocolates bullshit that you deal with in romantic dating. There’s no romance here. There’s just raw, hard, nasty, sticky, relentless, merciless sex.